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The Wave that Crashes

The Wave that Crashes

I've been the water, and I've been the storm
We're each the cold and the warm
But I don't want to be the wave that crashes...
I don't want to be that anymore

I just want to be the capsized victim trying to reach the shore

My heart's been soft, my heart's been strong
but my heart still wades within its storm
delicately and steadily
beating on the door to its own home
It somehow beats all on its own

My heart was made to be broken... so I'm not alone

You've seen me lose, you've seen me win
But on the verge of breaking, will you see me mend?
I'll smile because
of you till then
My hearted smile is what it's been
The mixed souls of both within-
of the rising sun and its setting kin
I await to see which soul will win

Is this just the beginning...
or the bitter end?