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Love Will Find a Way

Love Will Find a Way

Last night I dreamt-
though this fog's in my mind-
that you loved me and were actually mine
And with strawberry blood now seeping out,
it's no longer sweet love with your love in its doubt

Now sometimes it's hot, but often it's cold
The burning ice is what I'm longing to I hold
All in a day where I remember to say
that love will find a way

And I'm walking in rain
though my sky's fallen down
All I see is the water in all that I drown
I'm never so lost that I cannot be found,
but eyes never see me-
they never look down

And often I'm out, but sometimes I'm in
Her heart's in a place right now
that I've never been
My strawberry blood has left in its doubt,
as my life tried to be what I was dreaming about
And all through the day, I remember to pray
that love will find a way

This morning I woke and opened my eyes
To you I spoke but you were deaf to my cries
And at the top of the day, the sun in the sky
has fallen upon me as we both failed to fly

And at night in the dreams inside my mind,
I continue to see that your love is mine
It may not be tomorrow nor the next day,
but love will find a way