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5 Days Ago

5 Days Ago

Now if I tore
your heart in twelve,
know my heart
had shattered more.

And I know I left
ya by yourself,
to scrape the pieces
off the floor.

But know I'm more
than just some man
standing here with

Know I'm more
than sorry for
things we'll never
understand .

So if I tore
your heart in twelve,
I'll replace them all
throughout the year.

I know you but
you know me well,
and still we have
more to fear.

I'm not here
to sweep you up
from off the floor
from which we fell.

I'm here to take
every month
and make your heart
all of twelve.

And when a year
passes by
and you have nothing
left to mend,

we'll fix my heart
that I broke -
Another year, still
even then,

we'll find some things
around the house
that need a fix,
an' need a mend.

We'll fix it all
We'll fix it all
I swear to you,
and even then,

you'll always mean more to me
than I've ever meant
to myself.
The hearts we made whole again,
balanced there
upon a shelf.

I'm sorry for the bad I've done,
and I thank you
for the good.

So forgive me now
so we can be
exactly where we should.