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The Point of Living

The Point of Living

Just as long as we fight,
we'll be alright,
never givin' in
to the darkening rage.

Just as long as we long
with all of our might,
never givin' in
to our dearthening age...

We'll be alright.

And at night, we must fight
to read the same ol' tales
to our kids, and enjoy
every single page.

Then in light, we must fight
to be the best at a job
that somehow only pays
minimum wage.

Our age is getting greater
but so must our hearts
if we're ever to survive
life and its cage.

Days are getting later
but remember the start
when dinner was early
with your wife,
then engaged.

Just as long as we fight,
we'll be alright -
celebrating EVERY
Valentine's Day

And try to never miss
date night,
and never miss your kids'
recitals or plays.

Refusing to lose
things that ya' had
when you were young, invigorated, zealous, and free

Refusing to choose
all of the bad,
only taking hold of
life and its glee.

If you fight in a way
you're willing to die,
life can never hold you
in all of its fear

Learn a little more
each day you're alive,
allow all they ever told ya
to ring in your ears

And never stop swinging
even if life
seems like it's tired an'
giving in.

Never stop dreaming
even in strife,
'cause what's really the point
of living then?

If you never stop fighting
for all of your days,
life is a war you're destined to win.

Never stop fighting
in all of its ways,
and you're sure to find the point of living then!