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As High as the Sky

As High as the Sky

My heart
was a plane
‘til it hit the ground

And I’ve
been the same
in this life, I’ve found

Now I’ve
seen the rain,
and I have
heard the sounds…
of the fallin’ pain
fallen on me now

as high as the sky
slowly passing by

Now I’ve
been ahead,
and I’ve been far behind

But I have never been
alone along the line

I don’t
know why

heart must break.
And I don’t
know how…

I’ll ever mend.
And I don’t know why…

life must make
all that’s going up
come back down again.

Now I’ve been the plane
and I have been the ground
Either way I’ve pained
Either way I’m found
I've found

that love’s
as high as the sky,
and yet
slowly passing by