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The World No Longer Owes Me a Favor

The World No Longer Owes Me a Favor

I’ve written darkness
‘cross a sky
that’s only tried to shine,
and I guess I’ve done so
for far
too long.

But now I’ve got a reason
to write me a love song.

And out of all the things I gave her,
this is just
another thing.
Like the world’s owed me a favor,
but now it doesn’t owe me anything.

She’s the reason that I’ve written
far too many
songs to sing,
but now the sadness seems
She’s given me a love song.

I’ve written darkness
‘cross a sky
with a sadness on my mind,
but now I’ve dropped the pen ‘cause I’m
so deep in love again.

I hope this love song never ends -
recorded love upon a dawn -
even if it only spins

I will always love
this love song.

I do write about a lot of sad things - loss, adversity, emotion, sorrow - but that’s only because I use poetry as a therapeutic tool. Every once in a while, however, someone or something positively great will inspire me to write - somewhat written to bring everything back down to earth, but mostly written so that I’ll never forget it. I don’t mind the darkness, but I truly love these shining moments in my life.