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The Meaning of Love... finally FOUND!

The Meaning of Love... finally FOUND!

I've read books
covered in coffee stains.
I've had joys
covered oft in pains.
And out of all the pages
that could
ever bind,
no answer's ever bound

“What is love”
What's this...
crazy thing?
What is love,
if not everything?
I've read of all the fairy tales,
of all the
kings and queens...
What is love...
What's this crazy thing?

I've had looks
from all the girls in vain,
and other boys
have looked at you
the same.
Still what all the world of sages
could never find
is exactly
what we've found.

What is love?
I swear it's you and I.
We are love.
Standing eye to eye
through all the world of questions
one could ever sigh...
We are love.
The answer's you and I.

Through all the songs
one could ever sing.
Through all the wrongs
life could ever bring.
Through all the nothingness,
we're everything...
We're exactly
it means.