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The Game (051511)

The Game (051511)

I wish I could play forever.
I'm a fountain of youth,
and dried.

I wish I could play forever
on a star that - I hear -
had long ago died.

Stars that have fallen...
I know that I've fell,
so I know how stars feel -
lonely inside.

Through all that I have,
all that I have
is a good memory
and some of my pride.

This fountain has dried.
This fountain has dried,
but the truth of a dream's
still gleaming inside.

A mountain of lies
A mountain of lies
that living forever
is better untried.

But gleaming inside
some child I've eyed...
He's dreaming the dreams
I used to do.

It's screaming inside -
that dream and his pride's
teeming with things
abundantly true.

I told him that teams
should stay together
and a ton of more things
I wish that I knew

when I was his age
and dreaming
and playing
a game in a game
that all of us do.

Now I no longer wish
I could play forever...
especially now
my wish has come true.

My first poem was written May 15, 1997. It was about basketball. Every year I commemorate that day by writing a new poem about basketball and where I'm currently at.