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A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me

"You've gotta fly now"

But humans don't fly

"You've gotta fly"
I said Why?

"Because you've got a baby to feed
and a mother who needs
like you once needed her before.
A job and a plight with
no sleep tonight
and a notice hangin' on the door."

She said "You've gotta fly"
So I flew -
Who knew?...

Who knew what people could do
when they have to?

So I flew
and I flew
till my baby was fed,
while making sure that my mother
was mothered instead.

Makin' somethin' outta nothin',
askin' me why
and where I even got the nerve to fly.

I said a little bird once told me
not me, but
the old me...
all the reasons that I've gotta try

And maybe, just maybe...
humans were meant to fly.