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Epically, I'm hectically
tryna make life slow

I've always kinda flown
with the fate I've known;
but I don't really know
which way to go now.

All I know is I wanna live
the way I wanna
'cause in the end I know I'm gonna
only have one of these.

And even if I had more,
I'd donate 'em
to the poor
'cause I don't want any more of these.

I just want one life.
I just want a chance...
I just want a glance
of what heaven may or may not look like.

I just want to change a piece of the world,
even if it's just
showing a small piece of some small shadow
some sunlight.

Epically, I'm EPIC
even if
only in mind.
So no matter what I'm givin',
I'ma make me a livin'
tryna live this life of mine.