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The City of Me ---Trilogy - part one

The City of Me ---Trilogy - part one

My hand…
upon avenue,
upon your thigh…
[The boulevard of all
I'd need to be]

My sight…
upon sky-
upon your eye…
seeming like the sun to me

You shine upon
endless sky
You shine upon
endless street

With your shine upon
endless sky,
shed our shadows,
cast the sheet

Shed our clothes and
open blinds
The breeze upon
our endless trees

blown upon
our fated vines
I'm falling like
the endless leaves

Windless seas
become unstill
in the water…
and always will

And even if love
drowns us all…
these walls will never fall

upon your hips
My lips
upon your lips

I'm sated by your water streams, yet
still insatiably I sip

I walk upon
your boulevard
It's all I'll ever need…

I'm lost upon your every street… in
the city of you, in
the city of me.