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The meaning to life.

The meaning to life.

First, you must know yourself.
You must know who you are and what you're passionate about. Know Thyself or Gnothi Seauton are phrases for all you Matrix fans and for all the educated people out there who know a little something about the oracles of Apollo. In both, they say that you must know yourself before you can know anything about what you're going to become. A popular quote states that "you can't know where you're going unless you know where you've been". And that's why we start here.

Second, you must love
To love others is a direct reflection of who you are. People are placed in this world just as they are and you must have a love with the capacity to fit them all in. Some are easy to love and some are hard. Your ability to love everyone is a direct reflection of YOU, not those around you. And to truly love others as you love yourself, you must love yourself completely.

Third, you must have faith
Whether it be in yourself, in someone or something else, or in God; faith is one of the most powerful things on earth. For example, faith has been shown to have a stronger affect on the body than actual medicine and has been known to even cure cancer. Most medication takes effect before its ingredients are meant to because the person thinking they're healed is that effective. Tylenol isn't supposed to take effect for 20 minutes but often alleviates pain in ten or less (or sometimes immediately, which is absurd). Furthermore, placebos are often given instead of actual medication and has had the same level of effectiveness. "Faith like a mustard seed", the Bible says, "can move mountains". Prayer has been experimentally proven to help heal people who are on opposite side of the world. So imagine what having faith in yourself or someone close to you could do!

Fourth, you must ascertain your potential.
After you've discovered your passions, go for them with all of your heart. To find what you're capable of is the reason we do anything and everything in life whether it be taking a test, playing a game, or diving off a cliff and falling in love. "Just Do It" is the Nike motto and perhaps the greatest thing ever said because in life - besides "just keep breathing"- that is the only rule that we should abide by. So go for it and find out if you'll fail or succeed despite and often times in spite of money, time, the odds, etc. that try to hold you back. The luckiest people in the world are those who make a half way descent living doing something they love.

So yeah... In life, find what you love, believe in it, then go out there and do it while loving others the whole way through.