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Crackers in Bed

Crackers in Bed
Angelically said, but
still in dread…

wishing I were dead
[But now
I listen…]

Angelically dead, but
still in bed,
heed your words instead…
[so that I
hear you.]

And still…
it's not uncomfortable,
but it is
[It is without me
near you]

So deep inside I hear you,
but I
Smile instead…
smile in bed… And
everything's unsaid,
I still hear you.

I'm crumbled and
I'm scattered
(My heart is just
some bread)
as everything that mattered
was everything unsaid

Everything's unshattered,
and still
everything has died
as there's no one beside you

rather be beside
It's so uncomfortable…
"You're right"
has passed between
my sullen lips

left unembraced tonight
[But not a trace of white,
flat, unsweetened bread]
While the only way I smile…
is to think of you instead.