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What it Feels Like to be a Fool

What it Feels Like to be a Fool

broken-hearted martyred
without a reason
nothing but defying those who’ve defied you

broken-hearted started
shedding a tear
for an altruism
that’s never cried for it

broken-hearted attended,
intended to leave the past behind
Defined as "never quite understanding what you’ve defined"

The definition of love
was vague to you
before she made you cry,
while the definition of many more things
are why you’ve been denied

broken-hearted martyred
in a daylighted crime
drinking some wine

Broken-hearted shaking
and shaking
and shaking his hand
Saying "Congratulations are in order,
I do believe"

broken-hearted breaking
once again
Sordid’s a world where martyrs leave

But that’s exactly how
a martyr's defined…

As "leaving this world so far behind"