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The Great(est) Wall

The Great(est) Wall

Our walls protect us
Well, so do guns.
And we all know the harm they do
An arm they knew was reaching
and reaching
from somewhere on the other side
the great divide

Believe me
even the Great(est) Wall
will fall
if you let it

Berlin chiseled down-
through all the Coldest years
The oldest tears
aren't old enough
to just let 'em go

The pain we'd know
to not be free
isn't known by all of those,
by all of those
who've never,
ever truly flown

But how can you long for something you've never truly known?

Never shown is
the arm that's reaching
and reaching
over the highest wall,
forgetting which side
it once
was on

Woebegone and bleeding,
insecure and needing
is China, not its people
[Who needs a metaphor to hide behind?]

The Great(est) Wall,
a blunder
A Wonder?
Only because we wonder
what the hell is going on
[Mortar's just a metaphor, loathsome at its core]

What it's for
is to keep others out
Our walls---
That's what they're all about

And we all have them
[Some more figurative than others]
But few of us have a chance
to literally tear them down

The arm I've found
was reaching
Now it's sadly gone
He's madly fallen back
to his foreign side

Remembered only, lonely
by what he'd never find
and by the blood
he loved
that his arm had left behind

If keeping your eyes closed
is worse than being blind,
what is it when you've blinded
the eyes of all the others?

And if the mind is still a parachute
that works best when it's inclined,
what is it when the ripcord
is never truly pulled?

I'm never truly fooled
by fools or any others
I'm just a little disheartened
by those who'll never get it

Everyone should know
I say EVERYONE should know
Everyone should know
before we all regret it...

The Great(est) Wall will fall
if we let it.