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Just Another Story To Tell

Just Another Story To Tell

Through all the joy in the world
that we refuse to rise above
Girl meets boy, Boy meets girl -
Girl and boy fall in love

Boy and girl against all odds
with only time on their side
Against it all, fall and fall -
through your skin she falls inside

So your heart may break and your body ache
That dream inside your head won't wake
You've gotta lose something to gain something,
especially in love for heaven's sake

And so you lose all your life -
from so high in love you fell
You'd do anything for a story to tell -
You'd do everything as well

So you just close your eyes - Alone you cry
with a soul you'd never sell
Living like you'll never die,
yet fallen like you fell

You know you can't ever tell who your soul mate is
or if and when you'll meet
Still you see her so far up in the sky,
as you never leave your feet

You've always climbed so very high
to make it to that peak
But now you've falling from a sky
so very dark and bleak

And your wings won't fly although you try
You try to reach the sun
You just can't wait to hit the ground
just so your fall is done

You close your eyes and try to dream;
but the dream, she never comes
You close your eyes and close you eyes,
but even that comes undone.

And your hands can't reach as still they fail
to hold to ledges tight
All you have are dreams and so it seems
That out your mouth comes nothing right
Your legs are worn from walking out
of so many angry doors
Your stomach only houses butterflies
that don't fly anymore

And now through nights, you're sleeping slight
You dream no longer in your bed
You drown in waters called loneliness
in more than just your head

You hold your breath as she looks at you
With tears, pretend you're dead
She knows you lie but still she cries.
Now you drown in tears instead

Love's a fire that you put out
before you lost control
But to love someone through all the doubt
should be how the years unfold

Now whether you're in love or if you're out
All that's left is to grow old
is what our lives are all about
or so I once from myself was told

Boy meets girl
Girl meets boy
In the love in which they fell

Turned out to be just another day
Just another story to tell