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A Piece of Land Surrounded by Water

A Piece of Land Surrounded by Water

With the toil apart-
with that aside-
it's been a long ride,
but I've stayed strong

And now the soil
of my soiled heart
is what you stand upon

It's been a long time,
especially when
I've always been an island
[I mean, I've always felt like an island
that no one wanted to be stranded on]

And now you've landed on
the shore of my mind
by the wave of an eye
of who I am

And- to tell you the truth-
I've never thought it could be that way

And although I know everyone in time
is bound to be saved,
I'll just be happy that you're here today

even if tomorrow comes rescuing
with lifeboats and sails
Even if by my current
you're swept away,
know this island will still be alright
Know this island will be okay

whether or not you'd want to leave,
but especially if
you wanted to stay

Oh yes
this island will still be okay
because I have you here today.