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I saw my words
I saw my words
'fore I was ever weeping
Before they ever left the world
I thought my words were sleeping

But now I see my pen has lied
And so I tried,
but only cried
I tried to see what I was truly reading

But I only cried
I only cried
I read with eyes now opened wide
My poem has died
although I've tried
Living's so misleading

And now I see what I see
I see the ink that's bleeding
All the lore and all the gore---
My hands can't catch it anymore
The blood upon the bloodied floor
was all my poem was needing

My pen has lied;
and so I've cried
as I cast my pen aside
I'll never write again!
I scream with eyes now opened wide
My poem has died!
My poem has died!
The poem you should be reading

It tried to say a loving tone
It tried to say to be alone
wasn't so bad if we got to dream of you
But you said no written words would do
and this poet's love's not for you
I'm just not what you were needing

And so I cried
and so I've cried
without you here by my side
My pen has lied
My pen has lied
In tears, it's here now cast aside
It said you'd be there by the morning
when my eyes were opened wide
But my poem has died
My poem has died
Died with eyes still opened wide
while you're all my poem was needing

My poem and I
now cast aside
My pen lies shaking as it hides
My poem and I
My poem and I
In our loneliness, we're bleeding
I guess I'm
just not what you were needing.