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Paul's Life

Paul's Life

The pallbearer's torn
between doing his job
and burying himself
He's cruxed by nothing else

He's left the urn for better days
both placed upon the shelf

I remember he
used to say
"Pay the Devilman his due.
He's been through hell
and survived
like we only try to do"

And he'd always say
"I'd die to do anything
but try stay alive"
"I'd truly survive anything
to do anything but die"

Paul's torn
between his death
and between his loved one's life
So many loved ones along the way,
now Paul has beared his wife

And there're no amount of wrinkles
and there are no greying hairs
that can bury all his sorrow
or justify his life

The casket, made of heaven
It shined like up above
He used to say "what's money
if not spent on who you love?"

Casket fell
upon a hell
up upon a hill
A heart attack would take him
as they very often will

Paul's fallen
Devil's callin'
to pay the man his due
The Devilman's said to Paul
"Your currency won't do"

The Devilman's paying Paul
'cause he knows what he's been through
Paid his due, paid it all
'cause the Devil said he knew

he'd be seeing Paul
not at all,
not where he was headed to
And he said to Paul, "Remember,
God, He owes you too"