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Those I've Known

Those I've Known

I knew happiness once,
but that was long ago
That old man's probably forgotten me by now
Time's come
time's gone,
and time's gone on somehow

And there was a time
when love and I rhymed,
and Love was a friend of mine
But things occurred, as it lovingly hurt
to find "to forgive and forget" is just a line
Time's come,
time's gone,
but Time's gone on just fine

Still I've never known
the face of regret;
and to be honest, I've only known his name
Avoiding him's helped a world of things
even when I've known my pain
Time's come,
time's gone,
but Time'll never be the same

As Time and I stand
in the pouring rain,
Time's called out my name
If he's known me once,
it's been a thousand times
Time's even known my pain

Time's been friends
with Happiness
and Time's known my Love by name
Time has told me
a million times
that everyone thinks the same

That because I've ignored
Regret and I've
made it through the pain,
they admire me more
for the sun I've found
than when I've withstood the rain

Time has told me,
the pain I've seen
is only because I'm blind
Time has told me,
if you've loved her once,
you've loved her a million times

Time's told me
I've helped him out
and that he and I truly rhyme
But I've come,
and I've gone,
and now I've gone on just fine.