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Within the Rubble

Within the Rubble

The plaster's woken me,
but the dream I'd seen
was a horrible one
and so dark a dream

[ So I'm glad this plaster's woken me
and opened up my eyes ]

But I worry now,
for the roof's crashed in
Broken in such a way
it can't be fixed

[ But the crack lets me
see the sky ]

So I don't cry
I never cry while I'm watching it
And when it rains
Oh, when it drains
through the crack of my shattered ceiling,
that's just about the time I'm thirsty
so I don't mind the feeling

And when the walls
are falling down,
I don't worry anymore
That just helps me through
the lost times
when I can't seem to find the door

My house is in
ruins now,
but I've very often had a thought
that nothing's truly helped me more
than everything I've got

I've taken highs, I've taken lows
I've held the colds and hots
I'll take everything I'm ever given
'cause it's everything I've got

No, no
I don't worry now
that my home has all crashed in...

It just gives me a reason to build it up again,
and to build it up within.