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My World

My World

The sky has bled its sunset-
its red upon my eyes
Morning fades with memories
as I wish for bluer skies

The night in all its darkness-
its rain upon my face
But never have I left it;
for the night I must embrace

I pray through all the darkness
for your morning to appear
You've opened up your eyes
in the morning that is here

With a scar upon the sky
and your shine upon my eyes,
I wish time would stop
and the sun would realize

that she needn't ever bleed
for there's beauty in a shine
that'll never go away
A beauty that is fine

She needn't ever leave
her red upon my heart
But if she has to leave,
I'll say within the dark

that I'll catch your tears and I'll be here
through all the darkest nights
I'll be shattered if you're shattered
in the darkness of our plight

With your light upon my world
like the shine upon the sea
You're the sun and all my sky
You are the world to me