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Be wary and chary
of things unknown
Don't trust tomorrow
or days unshown

Don't trust the yester-
not one alone
For all days worry
for just their own

The Past is truthful,
but's died in shame
For he wasn't honest
before his pain

And although today
is all we've got,
trust him not
for he'll die the same

Today has told
its share of lies
So much's done
to just survive

But surely know
from all the host,
distrust tomorrow
the very most

Years'll come
Years'll go
In an eye, a wary blink
But stare and lie
with open eyes-
weary seen a golden brink

Monthly blue-
a dying moon-
but our uneasiness comes at noon

A week is weak
as what it wreaks
is ended, too, so very soon

But tomorrow lies
with open eyes
around every corner
that's ever been
Injures us with hopefulness
Entices us
and lures us in

But what hurts the most
are memories
of what it was to you back when
Surely once-
no matter what-
Tomorrow's been your greatest friend

So keep an eye
for many days,
but surely know
from all the host

If there's a day
of any day...
Distrust tomorrow
the very most