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Give and Take

Give and Take

She gave him her innocence
on a warm, winter day
He gave her his heart, they say
And as he took another look in her gorgeous eyes,
love took 'em both by surprise.

Now they've given and taken for so long of a time
that he says "I don't know what's yours or mine"
She gave him a smile
she used to hide
She smiled for him and no other guy

He gave her a kiss-
first of a million-
but she just took 'em all in stride
She said "we've given and taken for so long of a time
that I don't care what's yours or mine"

But he took her for granted
on a cold, summer day
as they took it out on each other
on a cold, lonely night
She gave him a chance
to win her back
as he gave her so many reasons they didn't have to fight

She borrowed his shirt for the cold, lonely nights
He gave it to her along with a rose
He gave her a promise on a cold, lonely night
that there wouldn't too many of those
He said "we've given and taken for too long of a time
to worry about what's yours or mine"

They took a picture
with an outstretched arm
accidentally cutting off their foreheads
But still it's framed
A time recalled
in a picture beside their bed

Later they would take it down
as they both took on their separate lives
It took this to realize
that not even memories survive

She said take it or leave it
but he wanted to stay
He took it to heart
as she took it away
He wouldn't give up
but she wouldn't give in
She took off before their love would end

And when she wanted him back-
him back again
He could've given an answer like some other men
But that's not what he did - he didn't want it to end
He wouldn't let his pain take a hold of him

So he took a chance
and took her back
He gave his girl a little slack
He gave her a second chance
knowing he
might one day need it back

She gave him a look
but it would take him a minute
to let it seep into his heart
So she gave him some time
She gave him some time
to try to fix all that had been shattered apart

She was in the wrong, but still he gave her a call
because she gave him a smile so long ago
when he had nothing at all

He took a deep breath and said "I'll give you my all,
and I'm sorry to say that's all I can give"
She smiled and said "I'll take your all
and you can have all my life to live...
'cause we've given and taken for so long of a time
that what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine"