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My Heart's Incarceration

My Heart's Incarceration

All you've got are garroted scars,
a scab upon your wounded heart
All you've got is who you are -
a false impression torn apart

Condemned you are without a bar
on your cell within a dark
that won't ever let you leave,
but counterfeit is who you are

Final words you've always heard
cut you like a lover's sword
Cut through skins so fragile torn -
All of which you learn to scorn

Confined within a joyous time
but detained within a pain
Clearest skies but in your mind
is where it has to rain

Free from freedom as of yet
Trapped in all the pain you'd get
Escaped from heart
through your mind
before the sun would come unset

Trapped in what you'd never get
Shawshanked your way through all the shit
Freed from freedom as of yet
Soon the sun will have to set

Silhouette the sun
My darkened one
has been the brightest thing I've seen
Silhouette the sun
My darkened one
has been my everything

Manipulate, my fate has been
my dream now once again
Manipulate, what I hate
has never let me in

My dreams I hate, I came too late -
contemplated once again
All my fate manipulates
but never lets me in

Fate is what I contemplate
but behind me once again,
fate controls each move I make -
the way it's always been

I don't know if I hold the strings
or if it's them I am within
All I know is everything
has brought me to an end

So silently on the floor,
the ventriloquist has died
with all his strings knotted violently
right there by his side

Marionetted, he
has faithfully
held on to his heart
But scarred it up,
so silently
he's torn himself apart

The ending to a story
that never had a start
No middle and/or glory
for the broken heart