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::That Angel Over There::

::That Angel Over There::

I don't know
where she's thrown
her halo,
but she's thrown it in disgust.
Tears she's known, she'll always know
Not a choice, but cuz she must

She's just tired at 2am,
waiting on the sun to rise
She's just feeling it's unjust
to not have trust, but lies

Found that halo in a corner -
shattered in twelve
All that's left is to count 'em
and to count upon ourselves

Life's amiss
this is bliss, it is until we die
She was pushed
off a cliff
Her only choice was to fly

But I tell you this angel
won't be an angel no more
(Her laugh... a sigh);

while the saddest part -
through all the sadness -
is that
no one'll know why.