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All that's left is some smoke on an unlit candle
and the memories of when I couldn't handle
never having my dreams come true.

And with a love so blind,
all the blind man was ever trying to find was you.

Time after time with all of his might
But now I've only found sight
as I see all my dreams will never again come true

And as the smoke so clearly blows,
in the wind I see an end
And Fate so clearly knows
our love that's never been
will never, ever be
and the truth of all my dreams
is they're just a world of lies
as destiny just dies
over in the corner weeping on its own

Such a cold world to have you cry and die alone

All that's left is some smoke and some breath
with which I once used to say
"I love you with all my might"
All that's left is a lonely candle
burnt down to the handle
Now I only have memories
of when that candle was my life