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For Candace and Her Girlfriend

For Candace and Her Girlfriend

is a complicated word
because what makes you happy
will often
make you cry

And oftentimes
what makes you gasp
will let you breathe
and what lets you breathe will make you sigh

And still I've never smiled in sadness
although I've understood I should
I've just never been able to bring myself to lie

And they say money can't buy happiness…
but if it could, I would
And that's not all I'd buy

I'd try
to buy you
that diamond ring
And I'd buy myself a dream
where I could afford it
Not the money,
but the pain it'd bring
in a world so sordid

I'd buy you a new home too
where you'd be
just a little more understood
And I'd buy me a life
where you've never broken my heart
whether or not I think I should

I've never stood in your shoes,
but I'll stand by your side
for just as long as you want me to
whether we live…
or hide

Those who've said it's unnatural
I swear they've lied

We've sighed and tried and cried…
but we're always misunderstood

They say money can't buy happiness…
but if it could, I would.