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We've Never Rhymed

For all those who don't like rhyming poems,
for those who just want a change of pace,
and for anyone whose life seems to lack the ability to rhyme at all.

We've Never Rhymed
I saw your eyes upon me
They've dawned me from my night
The sun shined brightly
but you've always kept me in the dark
For we've never seemed to rhyme
Even though I write the words,
every word just keeps you away from me
I recall us close
I remember you within
I held you once so long ago
but now I'll hold you nevermore
We've never seemed to rhyme
The end's between us once again
Every word just keeps you away from me
I've inscribed my every word
I've scrawled my soul with fickle pen
I try to write you and I together
but apart they'll always stay
For we've never seemed to rhyme
So prosed within our fate
I try to write we're in love
but all that rhymes right now is hate

If you want a rhyming poem instead of this one, reread it and replace the obvious missed rhyme with the meant phrase. The poem becomes completely and optimistically different. The lines I speak of are the 4th line of each stanza (light, once again, were together again). Things turn out the best for those who make the best of the way things turn out. Thats how I live, thats how I write. If Im handed a situation or a line that doesn't quite fit, I make the most of it by finding my own rhyme amidst the mess. But everything in life doesn't have fit either as depicted in the last sentences unfortunate fate. That would've been a great time for me to not rhyme. This was my effort at a non-rhyming poem. Good luck to you in finding the things that rhyme in your life.