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I'm held across my time again-
unaware of where I've been
I've nailed a cross- another sin
like so many other men

As no man has ever been
lost within his own conceit
while upon the straightest road,
while upon its graveled street

I know I'm on this winding road,
not walking but meandering
Nothing but the sun above
Nothing but a shaded tree

Nothing but the darkness draped
over skies that were my day
Nothing but a little light
glinted gone the longest way

But I'm not the one I thought I'd be
I'm just the man that I've become
Simply for a yesterday,
I'd trade my every one

My tomorrows fallen to the ground-
dropped upon the graveled streets
I'm a vagabond who's never found
the person whom I've never seeked

I've heard them say to turn around
if the roads you're forced to walk upon
are wrong no matter how far down
you may have ever gone

But still I step another step
I always stay within my fated gait
Although I know I go and go-
making my own Fate

I've heard them say and say and say,
but they said it far too late
To fail at what you love before
you succeed at what you hate