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//viii// learned from myself, the biggest fool of ‘em all

The Ten Things I've Learned
from Wise Men and Fools
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learned from myself, the biggest fool of 'em all

Life is fair
It's gotta be
I swear it's true
See half as good
or half as bad.
whichever you choose to do

Intentions pure
or tainted means
give rise to varied ends
Bad to good
or good to bad,
happen now and then
Bad to bad
Good to good
Both are understood

But when good intentions
do us wrong,
will we see
those things as good?
Or when bad intentions
do us right,
errored in their might
We must see
those things as opposites
or see them both as right
to make things
more than fair,
however We may lack

You see? Life is fifty-fifty,
a coin flip out of whack
A coin flip...
in which you never
get your quarter back.