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//ii// learned from a couple of fools

The Ten Things I've Learned
from Wise Men and Fools
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learned from a couple of fools

First of all, love isn't blind. Love is just two people in a dark room trying to find the light switch. The problems they encounter along the way are what trouble people about love. All the great things that happen in the dark room are why love's always been revered. Every touch of the hand and every brush of the skin gently swept across the other's is the emotional aspect the two so desperately need to find the light. Every inch separated is undividedly cured back together by a sweet voice echoing "you've lost me" in the dark. Where love gets its bad name is when there are no voices letting the other know their touch isn't sufficient enough or letting the other know when they've stumbled or drifted too far away. Love gets its bad name from the methodical efforts to try to find the light by splitting apart and only using voices of logic to find the switch. And finally, love gets its bad name when the light does come on and no more are voices and touch ever needed to find anything at all. Sight is now the sense we gradually take for granted until the light burns out and you're now too far apart to ever find one another again without an agonizing effort of painstakingly making your way through the debris on the floor now separating the both of you. Love is great, however, when you search for the light switch with your voices and with your touch until you find it. And even then, you still don't stop whispering and you still don't stop touching, although both of you now see each other so very well. And even when the light burns out (as all lights eventually do), your whispers become songs in the other's ear as you're still happy just dancing in the dark. Love is not blind. True love is just two grey-haired individuals singing and dancing in a dark room with only memories of what the other looked like.

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