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Autumn in June

Autumn in June

A cold autumn day
in the middle of June
In a way, everyone dies
much too soon
A child left so very
all on her own
Left to survive all alone

She once had a best friend - sometimes her only
But now she has dreams that leave her so lonely
Starting all over and over again
Wakes from the nightmares that shouldn't had been

Starting from a place she can't seem to find
For sore is her heart
so sore is her mind
She hadn't a chance
just a tear so unkind
It seems none of us do at times

It hurts so far
so much hurting inside
But the pain never seems to wanna come out
The sun's in the sky
but can't really shine
The sun lives in its doubt

There are no clouds
just a strength in her eyes
Still the tears - they all pour out
There are no more times
just some dreams in her mind
And the times they had been about

It's like an angel has fallen
so far from the sky
And just could not be caught
And now the angel's been lifted
back to the sky
Still that angel was all she's got

A cold Autumn's day
in the middle of June
But now that day's gone
much too soon
And still the sun rises
just like before
She thinks as she cries
that she can't cry anymore

She thought darkness would rule
forever her sky
She thought she couldn't stay alive
But now she must smile
as she's forced to survive
She uses her mom as the sun
to light up her life

And as the angel shines down
upon this sweet girl
Her world is not surely
yet to be done
This isn't the end
This day isn't the one...
There's a lot more sun to come